• a little gray cabin is nestled among golden sunflowers and fiery autumn maples
    the Homestead
  • A couple stands together with their coffee cups in the dappled sunshine of a Maine forest.
    Joe & Sydney Michalski
  • a close-up of a set of hand-carved trapezoid-shaped bowls
  • a close up of spring green leaf-shaped soap bars
    hand-crafted soap
  • a book called What Really Matters, featuring a bright summer leaf on the cover, sits next to a cup of coffee
    original books
  • a close-up of a birch-bark charm with a strip of paper inside, strung on a silk-ribbon necklace in rose, yellow, pale green, teal, aqua, and sky blue
    birch bark necklace

hand-crafted. from the homestead.
original designs | natural materials | small batches

the Homestead

We are a family of 5, living on a family homestead in Downeast Maine.
This little slice of Maine woods provides resources and inspiration for our
hand-crafted artisan soaps, woodworking, home goods, books & art, and photography.

Joseph Michalski

Joe is a hand-craft woodworker. He specializes in
traditional methods, natural materials, and lasting quality.

Sydney Michalski

Sydney is an author, photographer, artist, and maker.
Her work is inspired by moments of connection in nature and everyday life.
Amazon | Pixels.com | Spoonflower | Shutterstock

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Interested in reading more about homestead life in Downeast Maine? Visit our blog, where we share about topics like: woodworking, homesteading, foraged foods, how it’s made, and local outings.

How It’s Made

Hand-craft woodworking involves a wide variety of tools and techniques.…

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