How to Hand-craft: All-natural Artisan Soaps

All of our Artisan Soaps are hand-crafted using all-natural ingredients. Our standard base is a blend of olive oil and coconut oil for a balance of moisture and lather. We use 100% essential oils for light fragrance with herbal benefits. We hand-blend natural earth pigments for coloring, so there will be some variation between batches and over time. The final product is a well-balanced cleanser that’s gentle enough for hands, face, body, and shampoo.

Artisan Soap Bars

We make all of our soaps in small individual batches, pouring each batch into hand-crafted wooden molds or silicone shape molds to harden. Once removed from the molds, batches air dry for six weeks. Then they’re ready to use!

Our All Natural Liquid Soap is a blend of our Fragrance Free Bar, diluted to liquid soap consistency, with 100% essential oil fragrance. Unlike so many liquid soaps on the market today, our All Natural Liquid Soap really is soap! It’s not a blend of chemical detergents and foaming agents. It has the same Artisan Soap balance of moisture and lather, the same all-natural ingredients for gentle cleansing, and is ready to use for hands, face, body, and shampoo.

Every Artisan Soap begins as a test batch for family use. Once we’re really happy with using it every day, we start making production batches for the shop.

Shop All of our shapes and blends to find one that’s just right for you!

by Sydney Michalski

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