Product Information

an icon shows a line drawing of evergreen trees with the words "Sustainable, small batches, natural materials"


hand-crafted. from the homestead.
original designs | natural materials | small batches

Keep reading for more information about our product ingredients and how to care for your hand-crafted home goods. If you have any additional questions, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


SoapOur soaps are made with all-natural olive oil and coconut oil for gentle cleansing for hands, face, body & shampoo.

Coloring is added with natural earth pigments. Fragrance is added with essential oils.


Woodworking products are finished with food-safe flaxseed oil.

For care and maintenance, hand-wash and air dry. Further oiling is optional.


Fabric products are 100% cotton. To preserve colors, hand-wash or use a gentle cycle and delicate detergent. Air dry or tumble dry low if necessary.

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