What Really Matters: finding God today because no one is promised tomorrow


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Now more than ever, I am reminded that in this life anything can happen, and no one is promised tomorrow. Life is hard, and hard times will inevitably come for each and every one of us…but hope is real! And that is why right now is always the right time to ask the only questions that can make a real and lasting difference in our lives.

What Really Matters is an introduction to the questions that define humanity and to the one person who holds all the answers: God.

What Really Matters is also designed as a gift-and-outreach book, a way to share the good news of God’s word with those people that He has uniquely placed in your path. The opening page is ready for you to add your own personal greeting or contact information. Share What Really Matters and bring an introduction to God into someone’s life!


paperback, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches x .25 inches, 40 pages

also available in paperback and ebook format through Amazon.com

check out the What Really Matters video here!


Thank you for choosing a small, family, Christian business!


We hope that this book will be a prayerful, faithful way to bring God-moments into as many lives as possible and share What Really Matters with the world! Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…(John 8:32, BSB)


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