Kids Store

Welcome to our kids store! We look forward to offering an on-going selection of items hand-made by our three children. These items are currently in-stock and ready to ship!

A,C. Pencil Holders ($10 A, $7 C): Genevieve crafts these pencil holders out of locally harvested wood, which she hand-saws, hand-planes, and hand-drills with a brace-and-bit. A fun desktop accessory!
B. Inflatable Origami Heart Ornament ($7): Genevieve hand-colors these paper ornaments with pastel, which I then spray with a clear fixative so that it’s smudge-proof. She folds the origami ornament, and then inflates it!
D. Hand-carved Spoons ($15) and Spreader ($12): Asher hand-carves these spoons and spreaders from riven wood. They are finished with all-natural flax oil.

If you see something you like, just send me the item number and description in the Message section below, and I’ll get back to you regarding details of payment and shipping. I can accept payments through PayPal, or by check. Once payment is received, I will also notify you with tracking information for the shipment. 

The kids are also able to accept custom orders, so please feel free to browse through the gallery of their projects below, and contact us if you’d like to have something made especially for you!

Thank you choosing hand-made and made-by-kids!

Meet the kids!
Spencer (left, age 10), Genevieve (middle, age 7), and Asher (right, age 11) all enjoy working with their hands. They spend time each week learning in their daddy’s workshop, and are quick to imagine and work through projects of their own!

Last year, they asked if they might be able to make some items to sell at craft fairs, so we sat down with them to choose some projects, plan some schedules, and book some events! They had a great time, and a very successful craft fair season. It was the first time for all of us, and lots of fun.

The kids chose a wide variety of projects. Genevieve learned how to fold origami ornaments, and made inflatable rosebuds and inflatable hearts. She also hand-made wooden pencil-holders, which she hand-sawed, hand-planed, and hand-drilled using a brace-and-bit. The boys carved wooden rubber-band guns of their own design, with Spencer making pistols and Asher making rifles. Spencer spent some time making marble sets, bowls and leaf-prints from clay that he gathered right on our property. He also made hand-written and hand-bound copies of his book, The Adventures of the Three, which he later self-published through Amazon (currently also available on our Bookstore). Asher also hand-carved a selection of spoons, butter knives and swedish-style spreaders, and a cookie stamp. The process of planning their items and building up their inventory over the space of a couple of months was very good practice, and we were happy to watch them enjoy great success and sell almost all of their inventory over the course of three craft fairs!

Working with our hands is a way of life for the whole family! We hope that you will enjoy some of these items made by kids, just for you!

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