The possibilities with wood are nearly as endless as your imagination! We use wood for so many of our everyday activities. Browse a sampling of items that I have made for sale or for our family’s own use over the years, and message me with your own inspiration for a custom-made, hand-crafted wooden object for your home!

all kinds of serving ware, including a variety of spoons, spatulas and scoops
everything you need for your table! serving dishes, bowls of all sizes, even candle holders

hand-carved bowls of all shapes and sizes
a built-in spoon rest adds a little convenience
chopsticks are a great addition to tableware options!
all kinds of trays and boxes for storage and organization
all kinds of dinner ware, including spoons, spreaders, butter knives and even forks
lots of options for desktop organization! canisters with the bark on or off, or more modern hand-drilled holders customized to fit

pieces follow the natural curves and characteristics of the wood. knotholes become draining spoons, curves form handles. many pieces are left natural, but may be blackened for a more dramatic finish.

sometimes, you’ve got a great tool, and you just need a new handle, and I can do that, too!

chairs and benches and stools, from modern to rustic, frame-built or staked or turned, live-edge or traditional, natural finish or blackened or carved

Just a few things to think about! Wood is such a versatile medium – contact me with your own ideas and inspiration to get started on your unique, hand-crafted piece!

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