That Winter Mood: Finding the Magic When It’s Cold Outside

There’s a lot to like about winter! Here are some of our favorite things to do on the homestead to soak up all the fun on the days when it’s cold outside.

make a snow-chair

Find a nice drift. Plop yourself down. Wiggle around until your seat and your armrests are just right. Snow-chairs come with built-in coolers, so keep your cold drink cold while you kick back and relax.

And a snow-chair is the perfect vantage point for surveying the winter world in all its glory!

watch the world sparkle

Everywhere you look, you will find surprising ways in which the world turns to diamonds. Every frosted surface is just a quiet canvas waiting for a chance ray of light to bring it to life.

A framed image of sparkling lines of frost in white and blue and gold.
A framed image of a sparkling snow bank.
A framed image of a sparkling droplet on the tip of a sunlit icicle.

catch a snowflake

Inspect the snow drifts. If you’re lucky, you’ll find stacked snowflakes towering on tiny pedestals, just waiting for your admiring eye to find them. Or if it’s coming down right now, a dark glove or a dark sleeve is all you need to explore a world of crystal beauty. The closer you look, the more you will be amazed!

blow some bubbles

There’s nothing like it. Grab your summer bubbles and send them sailing on a winter breeze. They’ll crystallize before your eyes and burst into snow-dust midair. Or blow them onto drifted snow and watch them freeze in place.

watch the birds

Unlike us, our feathered friends don’t even spend a moment wishing for warmer weather. And it’s just possible that snowy backgrounds makes them look even cuter!

A framed image of a closeup of a Gray Jay in a snowy Oregon forest.
gray jay
A framed image of a Mourning Dove nestled in the snowy branches of a Maine forest.
mourning dove
A framed image of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler perched in the snowy branches of a Maine forest.
yellow-rumped warbler


Of course, no snow-day is complete without a little snow-play! Grab a sled, throw a snow-ball, build an igloo. And if you do happen to build an igloo – break off an icicle, stick it through the roof, and watch the sun shine through.

A young boy joyfully speeds down a sledding hill as snow-dust sparkles in the air around him.
A framed image of an ice crystal glowing in a shadowy background of snow.

There’s a reason they call it a winter wonderland! Enjoy!

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by Sydney Michalski

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