Maine’s Bold Coast: Sandy River Beach, Jonesport

We enjoy all the seasons in Maine, but summer brings with it a very special and short-lived treat – beach days!

Maine is known best for its rocky shoreline, and there are many stunning granite and cobble beaches. Still, it’s hard to beat a sand beach, where the kids can dig and run and splash and play, and Sandy River Beach in Jonesport is one of our local favorites.

This quiet local beach has a little bit of everything. The island directly ahead when you first enter the beach is home to a nesting pair of bald eagles, and they are often visible, perching or fishing.

It’s always a great place for beach-combing.

At low tide, we enjoy exploring the the rocky tidepools.

sea star
red-gilled nudibranch
atlantic snailfish
hermit crab
nudibranch with eggs
blood star
dog whelk
two hermit crabs

At high tide, we enjoy the shallow, sandy shelf and rolling waves.

If you follow the beach to the left, you’ll find yourself at Sandy River, which empties into the bay and is a great place to swim at high tide. If you follow the beach to the right, you’ll find yourself in a rocky tidepool-haven which slowly empties to expose a sandbar at low tide. You can follow the sandbar right out to Bar Island.

And because the beach faces east, sunrises are stunning!

(As an added bonus, a trip to the beach is a great time to pick up some supplies for making Sea Salt.)

So much to explore ~ Sandy River Beach never disappoints!

Sandy River Beach is a little hidden-jewel of a sandy beach, off-the-beaten-path in Jonesport, Maine. To get there, from US 1 east-bound follow 187 south for about 8 miles.

by Sydney Michalski

2 thoughts on “Maine’s Bold Coast: Sandy River Beach, Jonesport

  1. Hey Sydney! I was happy to see a new post. 🙂 I love how God makes you feel at home exactly where He wants you. All the places I have had the opportunity to travel has revealed His beautiful, diverse creation, but I have to say I love the views of the Appalachian Mountains the best! It must be because it’s “home” for us.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Yes, it certainly seems that if we desire to go where He leads us, we will see a special beauty there ☺️❤️

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