Original Design, Traditionally Crafted: The Butterfly Stool

The idea behind the Butterfly Stool is fairly simple. Assembling a stool out of small pieces just makes better use of wood! Traditionally, seats are made from a single piece of wood, but trees take a long time to grow big enough to give you a seat-sized plank, and then you can still only get a handful of seats out of each tree. By designing for smaller pieces, you exponentially increase the possibilities for which trees you can use and how many projects you can build out of each tree.

The Butterfly Stool features a gently-sloped seat formed from two planks, which are supported by two sliding-dovetails. The overall appearance from the side reminds me of butterfly wings.

shown with cherry seat, walnut dovetails, sustainably-harvested cottonwood legs and wild apple rails

It’s also wonderfully light-weight. In our family-of-five, and in our small cabin, we really appreciate anything that is multi-functional. This stool is easy to carry all around the house. I use it at the dining table for meals, but I can also easily carry it over to sit by the woodstove, or sit down to my laptop at the Writing Desk.

Designed for sustainability, designed for versatility, designed for life!

by Sydney Michalski

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