New Book Release – God Breathed!

Our world began with the very words breathed out by God, and He has been speaking to us ever since!

God Breathed is a collection of 70 moments from God’s word in His creation. Colorful nature photography and scripture devotionals will encourage you to delight in God’s glory and give Him praise!

The whole world has been formed and shaped by the hands of the same Creator Who has given us life. Every day, we have the privilege of living in the middle of the handiwork of our loving Father, with reminders of His ways woven into His creation all around us. Everywhere we look, we have the opportunity to be reminded of the Lord – of His nature, of His promises, and of His great, great love.

I hope that these moments from God’s creation and His word will only be the beginning of your own journey, where I pray that you will continue to find many, many awe-inspiring moments of your own. May God bless you as you seek Him in all things!

Now available at (ebook and paperback) or right here at Riven Joiner & the Homestead store (paperback only)!

by Sydney Michalski

2 thoughts on “New Book Release – God Breathed!

  1. Congratulations on publishing a book! So exciting to see how the Lord is working in your lives. 💕

    1. Thank you so much! 🙌

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