In the Forest

What can you do with just a handsaw and an axe, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the forest?

Why, rough out a spoon, of course!

On this particular sunny Sunday afternoon, we found a soft spot on the moss while the kids ran and played. Joe went for a short walk and returned with a maple sapling that had been been damaged in a storm. It was too small to mill into lumber, but Joe could still put it to lots of good use!

At about 10 minutes long, it’s a bit of a lengthy video…But it’s quite a peaceful experience watching a spoon taking shape from a maple branch right out in the forest!

from the tree to your home

Almost all of the woodworking items on start out just like this. Different trees, different sizes, different days, but the same process of harvesting and splitting and shaping, using all hand-tools, all the time. 

One of the nice things about this type of work is that you can do it in the workshop, the traditional way…But you can also carry it right out into God’s great workshop, where the light is dappled and the birds are chirping (and maybe the occasional ATV is roaring down the trail nearby)…

And you can honor the Lord with the work of your hands, with the work of His hands all around you!

To browse items made from this particular tree, shop the Sunday Maple Collection!

by Sydney Michalski

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