One Broken Chopping Block = Two Staked Stools

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life breaks your chopping block into two halves, you make stools out of them!

Hand-hewn maple and cottonwood stools from
maple staked stools with cottonwood legs

The end result of a broken chopping block was a counter-height stool for Joe in the workshop, and a table-height stool for our oldest son, Asher. The beautiful maple split evenly to provide two seats, and a damaged cottonwood that we recently harvested provided all of the legs.

Hand-hewn maple and cottonwood stools from
counter height
Hand-hewn maple and cottonwood stools from
table height

In staked furniture, the legs are driven into holes bored straight through the seat, and then wedged securely from the top. The end result is a sturdy, practical seat that ages beautifully and will last a lifetime.

by Sydney Michalski

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