Photo Shoot

by Sydney Michalski

When your store is online, photos are a part of the job!

My husband is really the photographer in the family, but in this busy summer season, full of farm and homestead projects, I found myself putting together the photos to update our website.

Many of the pictures of our products are taken right in our home, right in the workshop, on the chopping block, or the workbench, or the tool chest, or maybe the dining table. But today, I was on a special mission – to shoot thumbnail images of Joe’s items right out in the forest!

This little patch of forest is a blessing to us in many ways. It provides the firewood that heats our house (and cooks a lot of our food!) from about October to May. It provides maple sap and maple syrup as winter melts into spring.

It gives us a place to stretch our legs on many-a Sabbath day of rest. It is an endless source of wonder and delight and discovery and adventure for the kids, and really, for all of us. It shelters many of God’s creatures that delight us all year long.

  • Wild turkey in the Maine forest, right outside the workshop window at
  • Hand-feeding Black-capped Chickadees in the winter, at
  • American Porcupine, snoozing in an apple tree, at
  • Snowshoe Hare, just beginning to transition to summer colors, at
  • Gray Tree Frog in the orchard, at
  • Young Salamander on the forest floor, at

And, of course, it provides the wood that Joe uses to make items for our own home, and for sale!

There is a privilege to being able to shoot these products, which Joe made by hand, seeking to honor the Lord in his use of each piece of wood, here in their natural setting.

  • A view of the Maine forest on the Michalski homestead, at
  • A view of the Maine forest on the Michalski homestead, at
  • A view of the Maine forest on the Michalski homestead, at
  • Hand-carved poplar bowl, made from riven wood from the Michalski homestead, at

To read more about why I leave the tags on in all of the product photos, check out my earlier post, In All Things.

Some things are inconvenient. You have to constantly move around and find new spaces as the light changes. The mosquitoes are fierce, and they know you’re distracted from swatting them because you’re trying to get things done.

  • Product and camera gear set up in the Maine forest for a photo shoot, at
  • Product and camera gear set up in the Maine forest for a photo shoot, at

But it’s hard to beat the delight of taking a picture of a bowl, only to be surprised by a dragonfly stopping in for a visit!

  • A Red Darner moving closer to a hand-carved wooden bowl, at
  • Red Darner exploring the edge of a hand-carved wooden bowl, at

Lovely little photo-bomber!

Close-up of a Red Darner in the Maine forest on the Michalski homestead, at

It’s important to us that everything that we do be a simple, truthful reflection of our real life. Not everyone who buys from us will have the opportunity to visit our homestead-in-progress, where we live, where we work, where God has placed us, where we continue to learn to honor Him in all things. But we hope that everyone who buys from us will have an honest glimpse into our lives, into our workshop, into our home, into our forest, in which we seek to honor the Lord every day with the work our hands!

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