by Sydney Michalski

In a by-hand workshop, beeswax is actually a very useful tool to have in the chest! Joe uses it for lubrication for all kinds of things, from saw blades to drawer runners, augers to plane soles, anything that needs a little bit of something to get it running smoothly again.

I use beeswax to wax canvas for the odd wallet or journal cover, and I mix it with coconut oil for a really simple and effective lotion and lip balm. I look forward to making candles, one day.

But, most useful of all, when mixed with turpentine and linseed oil, it makes a really beautiful natural finish for woodenware!

We bought a big block of beeswax a few years ago, and it lasts us really well, but now that we have bees, Joe began to harvest some of our own!

The bees do a beautiful job building honeycomb…

But sometimes, they build it where we don’t want it, and Joe has to remove it.

It comes out with all the bits-and-pieces of hive life, pupa and pollen and royal jelly, and all sorts of things…

But, when you melt it down, it purifies! And with a little effort, you’re left with pure, clear beeswax, ready for any of the many uses you can imagine, in your home, or in the shop!

Another simple, yet amazing, provision of the Lord our God through His creation!

The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth. (Psalm 97:5, KJV)

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