Knitting Needles

by Sydney Michalski

Some things seem like they would be really simple…Until you do them!

Knitting needles. Just two long, smooth sticks of wood. When I asked Joe to make me a pair, I kind of thought it would be fairly straight-forward. Just a matter of finding a nice, straight-grained piece of wood to work with.

And that was, certainly the first step. But the steps that followed were neither-straight-nor-forward!

Anytime you’re working by-hand down to a precise shape like this, a long, thin shaft, with those nicely tapered edges, it’s a fair amount of work just to be so entirely even and symmetrical.

Even starting with a a straight-grained piece, every little quirk of the grain was a potential problem, and several knitting needles simply broke during the smoothing process due to a weakness or change in direction in the grain somewhere along its length.

padauk shavings

And, of course, the diameter is pretty precise, within a millimeter, so that meant lots and lots of fine shavings, which at least have the benefit of looking beautiful in the sunshine!

In the end, a pair of knitting needles was complete, one in walnut and one in padauk. They are beautiful, smooth and rich in color and feel.

They really bring back a sense of history, though, in an unexpected way – because after how tricky these were to make, I can’t help wondering how they used to make all those wooden knitting needles back in the old days!

That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love…(Colossians 2:2, KJV)

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