by Sydney Michalski

It’s a well-rounded life on a homestead. Sometimes, Joe’s a woodworker, sometimes he’s a farmer, sometimes he’s a plumber…And sometimes he’s becoming a bee-keeper!

As a woodworker, Joe’s first thought was to make his own hives…But when he prayed about it, he didn’t feel like that’s what he was supposed to be spending time on. It’s a balance. Our first thought is always to do things by the work of our own hands, as much as possible, in honor of the Lord. Sometimes, though, He guides us to buy things, usually when they are much cheaper than we could make ourselves, and when Joe’s supposed to be using the time it would take him to build it for something else…

And that’s how it was with bee boxes. The parts are just so inexpensive, and functional and long-lasting for what they’re used for. So, instead of making it all by hand, it was a simple family event of assembling and painting.

And it just reminded me, once again, that while we often talk about Joe being a wood-worker…what he really is, is a Christ-follower! Some days that means making things by-hand out of wood…And some days that means putting together bee boxes on the homestead!

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

For more on what it was like to bring home the bees, you can visit our family-life blog post, So, You’re Getting Bees… And for more on what we learned from the Lord in the process of getting bees, check out our devotional blog post, God and Bees.

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