Thank you for visiting my blog!

I will be using this blog to show some of the activities that are part of creating the objects that make their way from the tree to your home…Things like harvesting a tree, milling lumber, riving, carving greenwood, planing, joining, and finishing…And also, some of the the things that simply catch my eye and remind me of the awesomeness of this work that God has given me to do with my hands.

You can contact me anytime with questions, or with a custom request, and I will be happy to work with you on a custom design. 

Thank you for your patience as I get underway! In the meantime, you can check in on what our family is up to at

2 thoughts on “Thank you for visiting my blog!

  1. Hello u should post some pictures of your knives you make

    1. Thank you! I will be adding more pictures soon.

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