Working Green

While large furniture projects require lumber that has dried and cured, lots of smaller projects start while the wood is green. All kinds of tableware, from bowls and trays to spoons and spreaders, are roughed out while they’re green. This includes laying out the shape…

Marking out a hewn bowl on a riven section of poplar, for green woodworking.
laying out a bowl in freshly riven poplar

…roughing out with axe and adze…

Initial axe-work for green woodworking, flattening one working surface.
The adze is a curved blade, used for quickly hollowing out the bowl.

…shaping with drawknife, bent knives, and gouges…

The drawknife can be used for removing bark, roughing out, and also shaping.
A variety of custom bent-knives and gouges are used when hand-carving treen.

…and then setting aside to dry slowly! Final shaping, smoothing and finishing are completed after a few weeks of drying time.

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